Is It Time To Replace Your AC’s Air Filter?

Are you conscientious about air filter inspection and replacement? It’s important. The filter defends the air conditioner from infiltration of dust, dander, pollen and all sorts of contaminants that can negatively impact performance. Once the air filter becomes clogged, you can expect the debris to find its way into the evaporator coil and cause big problems.

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Some of the consequences of neglected A/C filter replacement are longer running times, higher monthly costs, increased energy consumption, greater chance of malfunction, diminished comfort and shortened system lifespan. In other words, not changing your filter is going to cost you a lot more time, money and inconvenience in the end.
If you’d like some further information about types of filters, recommendations or how-to guidance, Refrigeration & Electric Service Inc. is happy to help. We answer with over seventy years of industry experience. Our fully licensed, insured and NATE-certified professionals provide a full range of air conditioner services, including essential maintenance. Simply give us a call at (863) 293-2145. We are your knowledgeable resource throughout Lakeland, Winter Haven, Haines City, Bartow, Lake Wales, and Auburndale, FL.

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Edgar is really amazing! He diagnosed and fixed our A/C in such a timely manner. Awesome company, I recommend Edgar to anyone who needs work done. Edgar is very knowledgeable and was able to explain everything so I could understand...

Tina B

Great service, reliable, and getting the job done right. Edgar has come out anytime I needed service and got my system back to running like a gem. Hes put in two systems in two different homes for me and I would highly recommend every time!

Kyle J.

Great service! I can’t say enough about the quality of service and professionalism. My AC went out and within the hour I had someone at my house fixing the issue. Problem was an easy fix and took them to time. Edgar was great and I would recommend him...

Stephanie D.

Edgar is the absolute best! We own a new home and have already had multiple AC issues so clearly I didn’t trust the company who installed it. After calling another company out they were going to leave us without AC for almost 2 weeks because in...

Magdalynn B.
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