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Maintaining your comfort is our first priority

Nothing could be worse than having your air conditioner break down in the stifling Florida heat.

Your home or business becomes a veritable oven, making it difficult to stay inside. Don’t make the mistake of contacting a lesser air conditioning repair service, let Refrigeration and Electric Service take care of your service or repair. We have been performing quality repairs on air conditioners for over half a century and will have your unit fixed and running right away. Our qualified technicians deliver speedy and reliable service that you can count on. We perform repairs on all major air conditioner brands including Carrier, Payne and more.

Refrigeration and Electric Service, Inc.
Refrigeration and Electric Service, Inc.

Our repair fleet covers Polk County and will arrive at your scheduled appointment on time.

We know that the Central Florida sun can be brutal, especially in the summer months; that is why we strive to get your air conditioner working again quickly.  It does not matter if your air conditioner is a small home unit, or a massive industrial unit cooling a two acre warehouse, we promise the same skilled service from our technicians regardless of air conditioner size.  

​Homes and offices in Polk County without working air conditioning could develop a number of issues including mold and mildew growth, decay of wood, and health problems for the elderly or sick. Refrigeration and Electric Service, Inc. is mindful of these issues and strives to have your air conditioner in top working order and running like new the first time, therefore we recommend contacting us ASAP when your system starts acting up.

Experiencing Issues With Your Air Conditioning unit?

Maintaining your comfort is our first priority

Your air conditioner may be working now, but it may not be far from failing. Have you noticed it making sounds it did not used to make when it turns on? Our technicians can inspect and tune up existing air conditioning units to ensure they don’t break down in ​Central Florida's summer heat. We will clean, tighten, and replace your air conditioner components to ensure that it keeps working when you need it.

With Refrigeration and Electric Service, Inc. you will not have to spend hours waiting for technicians to show up. We arrive when your appointment was scheduled and begin work right away. Our technicians will answer any questions you may have and be on the lookout for any potential problems. If they see something that could become an issue, they will inform you so that it can be dealt with before turns into a headache. You can have confidence that your air conditioner was installed properly and will provide years of cool air.

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Call or fill out our online form today, a member of our staff will be happy to assist you! Our service department is available with no overtime charges for 8 am to 8 pm, seven days per week. If you require 24 hour service availability, we have arrangements that can be made to provide the service you need.